Gain Productivity & Profitability

With a Click and a Keystroke

Novatus has a compelling and scalable business solution for companies of every size, and from any industry. Today, Novatus is being used by thousands of Global 1000 users to manage diverse procurement, sales and partner agreements.

Streamlined Implementation – Novatus will have you live within days - not months.

Adoptability – With Novatus’ ease-of-use and completely configurable dashboard, your team will be able to immediately start shaping the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process, regardless of their role or department.

Reporting – Manage accountability in your contract management investment and get real-time customized reporting to evaluate day-to-day business operations with just a click.

No Cost Upgrades and Enhancements – All upgrades and enhancements are included with your package. No additional services are required to upgrade - ever..

Integration – Novatus values partnerships across the industry as well as with our clients. Being built on a web-services platform means we have been able to align exclusively with other state-of-the-art software companies specializing in e-signature, e-sourcing, contract discovery, ERP, CPQ and CRM.

Your Data/Our Data Center (SaaS) – We mitigate all risk with the storage of your crucial contracts and documents in our 100% secure, state-of-the-art, completely redundant Data Center with our partner and client, RackSpace

HealthCheck™ – This primarily web-based service is a highly efficient way to ensure the “health of your system” as your business needs change, technology evolves, and ongoing system upgrades and enhancements are implemented, ensuring your organization maximizes its value in Novatus’ solutions.

Availability – We offer complete 24/7 technical support and on-going training to every client.

Substantiation – Using Novatus CLM solutions will substantiate the value of your investment to your investors and stakeholders, and we’re happy to work with you to prove it. We are dedicated to helping your organization grow.

Value – We realize we are not the cheapest on the market, nor are we the most expensive, yet our commitment to our clients lies in providing services that result in superior ROI. Our clients expect and receive the finest product and reliable customer service at a fair price.

Transparency – Founded by pioneers in the CLM industry, the Novatus team is passionate about providing results-oriented contract, compliance and supplier management web-based software solutions and unmatched customer support resulting in measurable, positive business results for their clients.

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What does that mean to you?

Investing in Contract Lifecycle Management with Novatus means that you’ll be assured of having the best quality product that provides a positive impact on your bottom line. Our team, services and software are consistently credited as being the best in the industry, making your business easier.